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AMWA Southwest is the southwest regional chapter for the American Medical Writers Association and includes all AMWA members in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas. Our chapter is one of the largest in AMWA, and we have a proud tradition of leadership and stewardship in the organization. We regularly host events in Houston, Dallas, and Austin as well as hosting numerous webinars every year.

  • 5 states
  • 945000 square miles
  • 298 members

Executive Officers

2016 AMWA Southwest Executive Committee
Katrina R. Burton
Katrina is a senior communications specialist based in Houston, TX, with extensive experience in public relations and health and medical communications. She is also a graduate of Texas A&M.
R. Michelle Sauer
Program Chair
Michelle is freelance medical writer and editor based in Houston, TX, with extensive experience in academia grant writing.
Erica Goodoff
Erica is a scientific editor based in Houston, TX.
Jill Delsigne
Immediate Past President
Jill is an associate scientific editor based in Dallas, TX.



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